How to get to Belek from Antalya airport

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Where is

It is quite easy to find Belek on any map of Turkey: it is located on the Mediterranean coast, 35 kilometers east of the well-known Antalya.

But that’s not all: about the same distance to the east is another popular place among vacationers – the city of Side (it turns out that Belek lies just halfway between the two centers). This situation makes the resort attractive to many holidaymakers. True, a trip to those regions has its own peculiarities in terms of logistics.

Actually, this is where the world famous resort began. Today there are many fountains and shops, as well as restaurants. In the evening, with the illumination on, it all looks just magical.
The magnificent arch, made in the Romanesque style, is striking. There are also many souvenir shops where you can stock up on gifts. Despite the resort status, the center of Belek is distinguished by its sedateness, which stands out a little against the noisy background of the coast.


This is the best place for those planning to travel with children. Clean beaches with a gentle entrance to the water, pine forest coupled with a eucalyptus grove – an ideal place for a joint holiday.


This is the pride of the city – here are the best hotels that have been built during the entire development of Belek.
From the sea or from the height, the area looks like this: a long beach strip is complemented by a line of luxury hotels with all the necessary infrastructure. Pools and water parks, discos and shopping centers are all concentrated in Kadriye. A large part of the vacationers are young people.

Here you can play golf on quality courses (by the way, they are considered one of the best in the world). Whole placers of football fields for vacationers are also noteworthy.
Another highlight of the area is the so-called Garden of Religions. This is the site on which the Orthodox Church and the mosque were peacefully located, and there is also a synagogue nearby.

In general, Kadriye can be safely called a city within a city: there is where to relax and do shopping, but if there is a need for solitude to think about the eternal, there are also corresponding places.


There are also a lot of hotels with good service, but many of them offer their services cheaper than similar establishments in Kadriye. It is a little quieter here, and the wooded landscape gives a sense of tranquility.

Beaches, water parks, golf clubs, bars – everything is at the highest level. Fans of excursions will definitely like the surroundings of Serik: just a few kilometers from the hotel line are the ruins of the ancient cities of Selge, Aspendos and Sillyon (and there is something to see).

The best beaches

Belek as a respectable resort owes its current status to the beaches.

They merge into a continuous strip over 16 km long and have all the necessary infrastructure.
But there are also some nuances that should be remembered by all tourists. The fact is that the coastal strip is divided between premium hotels. For their guests, everything (from sun loungers to meals) is free. If a guest moves to someone else’s territory, and the guard sees on his hand a bracelet issued by another hotel, then the vacationer will simply be returned to the right place.

Hotels of the so-called first line very carefully monitor the order on the beaches: the sand is leveled, the cabins are always in good order, and lifeguards are on watch on the water.

Local residents and guests of lower class hotels use public beaches without any problems. They also meet the highest standards, but you need to get there by buses running from hotels. But first things first.

For outdoor enthusiasts

There is something to do for lovers of active rest – all conditions have been created for them here.
Experienced extreme lovers and beginners alike will surely appreciate the range of services such as:

Diving for people of all skill levels.
Boat tours.
Rafting on the most spectacular sites of the local river.
Wildlife safari.
One-day jeep tours to the secluded corners of the coast.
Cycling routes of varying length and difficulty.

The calmer public will certainly prefer a trip on a luxury yacht (there are many such offers, but keep in mind that many companies set a minimum time limit of 3 hours).

How to get to Belek from Antalya airport

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