Tekirova Camyuva Kemer

Transfer from Antalya airport to Tekirova Camyuva Kemer

Transfer from Antalya Airport to Tekirova Camyuva Kemer is an amazing place. A small village with only 3,500 inhabitants. There are many opportunities here to make your stay comfortable and interesting.

There are many luxury hotels and many diving centers. Do you want to go to a restaurant, bar, or maybe a nightclub?

The choice of such places here is very extensive, for every taste. Here you can not just lie in the sun and sunbathe. For example, here you can walk in the orange tree garden, or you can also see local sights, there are also a lot of them here.

There is one of the most famous ecological natural parks.
It will especially delight those who are passionate about reptiles and rare plants.

The Tekirova coast is connected together with the crown of the Tahtala Upland – this is one of the longest cable cars on Earth and you have a unique opportunity to walk on each of the 4350 meters, if extreme.

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Transfer from Antalya airport to Tekirova Camyuva Kemer

In the event that you are planning a trip with large luggage with a large company and do not want to move on schedule, wait for buses and share a place with other tourists, then an individual transfer service will suit you.

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It is very convenient and as comfortable as possible.


Why is this corner called paradise?

It’s very simple – he is the most remote and secluded. From the center of the province, you need to drive here along the 70-kilometer Antalya – Komluca highway. Kemer, the nearest lively resort town, is a little more than 10 kilometers away. It seems like it’s the same coastline, but the flavor in the village of Tekirova is quite special.

Behind the coastal strip with ultra-modern buildings, the kingdom of lush vegetation begins. Pine forests interspersed with orange orchards.

And even higher – bizarre, one on top of the other powerful rock formations, reminiscent of the folds of a majestic mantle. You can admire them both from the windows of fashionable hotels, and from the side of pleasure yachts.

Hotels, villas and inns are newly built, so their projects meet the highest requirements of architectural and recreational design and comfort.

On the quiet streets, both 5-star hotels and guest houses of other ratings organically coexist. But everywhere resort visitors are guaranteed a friendly welcome and impeccable service.

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