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Full Day Tauride Mountains Jeep Safari Tour from Antalya

This is a full day trip to beautiful places at the base of the Tauride Mountains.

If you want to spend a full day of pleasure and fun and then hike up the mountain with our lively, friendly and experienced guides, visit the mosque, village families, dine in a restaurant on the water, swim and enjoy the magnificent nature of the Tauride Mountains, and if you want to escape from the scorching sun in the tourist Mediterranean region, we will take you to the best cool place in the mountains.

Jeep Riding Off-road safari is one of the amazing adrenaline-filled adventures in the Tauride Mountains, where the nature of Turkey is revealed in all its glory. The Safari route goes through an exciting winding highway, along narrow unpaved paths where 2 cars can hardly pass.

The road goes through dense pine forests, the trees reach 20 m in height. Herds of sheep and women can be found on the roads, traditionally dressed in a rustic style. After a dusty and muddy road, you can cool off at a local waterfall nestled among the trees; Climbing to the top is worth jumping into the crystal refreshing water and washing off the dirt.

During the Jeep Safari tour, you will learn about the style of village life, see mosques, valleys, peaks of the Tauride Mountains, many different plants and animals.

What to take with you: We recommend bringing a hat, sunglasses, T-shirt, plastic shoes or flip flops (only in summer, between June and October), a towel, swimsuit (if not in summer, bring warm clothes).

The pick-up point from hotels in Kaleici (old town) is in front of McDonalds, right next to the Adrian Gate.

We have jeep drivers. customer jeep driving is not possible.

on this tour, there are several times water fighting game between people in jeeps.