Hot spots along the coastline


Hot spots along the coastline

kemer turkey – turkey tour – Visitors can also find a number of tourist hotspots along the coastline. 42 km from Antalya, is an impressive mountain landscape – the resort has been carefully designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape and offers an ideal environment for a wonderful holiday.

Kemer Marina Hotel is located in the center of Kemer. Shoppers will delight in the fine assortment of high quality souvenirs. Marina is located in the center of Kemer beach. Other tourist centers in the north are Kiziltepe, Goynuk and Beldibi, and Camyuva and Tekirova.

At the foot of 2575 m above sea level Tahtali (Olympos),

15 km south of Kemer, the three large ports of Fazeli were once large commercial centers. The ruins of aqueducts, agoras, baths, theater, Hadrian’s Gate and Acropolis reveal the historical significance of the city. The ancient city of Olympos is located on the southern side of Mount Tahtali. Oleander and laurel bushes set off the Olympos Valley, accessible by land or sea. North of Olympos and Cirali beach is Yanartash (at an altitude of 300 m), where, according to Greek mythology, the Lycian hero Bellerophon raised his winged horse Pegasus and killed the smoking Chimera.

Cave Karain,

which dates back to the Paleolithic era, is the oldest known cave in which man lived in Anatolia. One entrance, illuminated by the morning sun, opens onto three large connecting chambers. Although some of the finds are in museums around Turkey, some date back to 160,000 BC. Mount Gyuluk (Solimos) is located in the northwestern part of Antalya. It is located on the southwestern side of Gyuluk Mountain. A wild and magnificent landscape surrounds the city’s monumental footprints and a wildlife museum.

Limira, an ancient Lycian city,

is located 10 km from Finlake via Turuntsova. Further along this road is the Lycian city of Arikanda. It was inhabited by at least 500 BC. and was destroyed several times by fire or earthquake. The ancient city of Myra, now called Demre or Castle, is located 25 km west of Finike. The island of Kekova, an hour’s drive from the sea, gives the name to a whole group of picturesque islands, numerous. bays and ancient cities.

Continuing west from Kekova,

you come to Kas, a beautiful place surrounded by mountains on three sides. Swimming and diving are excellent in the clear waters around Kas. Along the scenic Kalkan road, Kaputas has a beautiful beach at the end of the Turquoise Grotto.

A short distance to the west is Kalkan, a lovely little hilltop town that overlooks a tiny bay.

The ancient Lycian capital of Xanthos, today in the village of Kink, and the Lycian cult center Letun are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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