How to get from Antalya airport to Kemer


How to get from Antalya airport to Kemer

Now many tourists book a hotel on their own, buy a ticket, or, for various reasons, refuse the transfer provided by tour operators. And they decide to independently get to their hotel located in Kemer “from Antalya airport to Kemer”. All possible ways to get from Antalya airport to Kemer are described below – from the most budgetary to the most practical.

Transfers from Antalya airport to Kemer

Option one and the fastest and most problem-free. You can order a transfer in advance via the Internet.

Bus from Antalya airport to Kemer

The longest and cheapest option. From the airport to the bus station of Antalya (otogara), municipal bus number 600 departs every 60 minutes. The bus stops literally at every corner, so it takes 55 minutes to get to the bus station. It costs 4.70 lira.

At the bus station, make a change to the intercity bus Antalya – Kemer. The cost is about $ 4-5. Through the city and this bus will go very slowly, picking up people wherever possible. In Kemer, this bus passes, or rather “crawls” through the entire city. The last bus from Antalya leaves at 22.00.

If you’re lucky, you can catch the Express yol – Kemer express bus. He’s on the road for about half an hour.

Dolmush from Antalya airport to Kemer (minibus)

Minibuses do not run from the airport itself. But they go from the famous Antalya “MIGROS shopping center”. Municipal bus 800 runs from the airport to Migros (former flight number: 600A). The road to the shopping center will take an hour. From there, about another hour and a half by dolmush to Kemer. Dolmushi begin to walk from 7 am, every 15 minutes. In the evening, the interval increases to 20-25 minutes. Price: 10 liras.

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