How to get from Antalya to Tekirova?


How to get from Antalya to Tekirova?

How to get from Antalya to Tekirova, Antalya – Tekirova: how to get there on your own?

Tekirova is a small resort village in Turkey, located near the famous Kemer. The closest air harbor is the airport in Antalya, the distance to which by road is about 80 km. You can get from the airport to the resort by taxi, city buses and minibuses, as well as by individual or group transfers.

“The duration of the bus trip is 3 hours and 20 minutes (including transfers and stops).”

Bus Antalya – Tekirova

Public urban and intercity transport is the most economical option for travelers. In this case, we are talking about buses and minibuses (they are called dolmush). Antalya Airport is not connected with the resorts by direct bus service, so during the trip you will have to make at least one change. First you need to get to the city bus station of Antalya (Otogar), there is a bus number 600 on this route.

It departs from a stop near Terminal 1 at intervals of 25-35 minutes, running daily from 7 am to 1 am. The journey costs 5 liras, and the road to the bus station takes about 1.5 hours.

How to get from Antalya – Bus Antalya – Tekirova

There is another way to get to the bus station – the Havas group transfer. It takes 45 minutes on the way, the ticket price is $ 4. Shuttles run daily from 04:30 to 02:00. At the bus station, take the Antalya – Tekirova bus. He will reach the village in 1.5 hours, you will pay $ 7 for the trip. You can buy a ticket at the bus station ticket office or from the driver. All buses are comfortable – there is air conditioning in the cabin, and there is also a place for large luggage.

Arriving at Otogar, you need to find a dolmush or express bus that goes along the route Antalya – Kemer – Tekirova. The city bus station is quite large, and it is easy to get lost here, but you can always turn to its employees for help – they will always help you find the transport you need. The bus ticket will cost 15 Turkish liras. It is better to look for transport that says “express”, as it makes fewer stops along the way, and the road to the village of Tekirova will take about an hour. On a regular dolmus, the travel time increases to 1.5-2 hours.

If you are traveling with a large amount of luggage, in a large company, with small children, or simply do not want to depend on the bus schedule, order an individual transfer from Antalya Airport to Tekirova. The car will take you 1 hour and 25 minutes.

From Antalya Airport to Tekirova can be reached by bus or taxi. It is not possible to get directly by bus, you need to change trains at the Antalya bus station. Thus, this option is unlikely to be suitable for those who are in a hurry, traveling with children or have large luggage with them. It makes sense for such tourists to order an individual transfer, which will quickly and comfortably reach Tekirova.

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