One Day Excursion to Jerusalem


One day excursion to Jerusalem

One day excursion to Jerusalem, Bethlehem and the Dead Sea

Departure from Antalya, Turkey

Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport and departure to Bethlehem.


Breakfast / lunch and a visit to the gift shop.

A visit to the Basilica of the Nativity of Christ, one of the oldest Christian churches on earth, erected over the cave of the Nativity of the Savior, where the Star of Bethlehem is installed at the birthplace of Jesus – a symbol of the birth of Jesus and a place of worship for Christians all over the world.


Walking tour of the Old City of Jerusalem, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where the last five stops of the Holy Way of the Cross – Via Dolorosa, Golgotha ​​and the chapel above the tomb of Jesus – Kuvukliya are located.

Visit to the Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall.

Walk to the Garden of Gethsemane and visit the Church of All Nations, built on the very rock where, according to legend, there was a place of prayer for the Chalice on the night before the arrest of Jesus.

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Departure to the Dead Sea, which is one of the most unusual and unique bodies of water on our planet.

Swimming on the equipped beach with changing rooms and fresh water showers.

Dinner at Qumran restaurant, visit to the gift shop with Dead Sea cosmetics

Departure to Ben Gurion airport

Arrival at the airport and boarding the plane. Departure from Tel Aviv

Arrival at Antalya airport

How to get from the airport

Our service includes: flight, meeting and seeing off at the airport, comfortable bus, professional Russian-speaking guide, lunch and dinner (drinks are not included in the price).

How to get from Antalya to AlanyaTransfer from / to Antalya airport